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  Where the Gator Boys Started
Animal Planet's "Gator Boys" frequently shoot footage here
Native Village was the feature of the September 8, 2013
episode named Bitten & Blue. Click To View

Scott in the Pit with Jimmy, Ian, David .
Ian and David “The Cobra Kid” of Native Village
Gator Boys Jimmy, Andy and Scott

The Gator Boys
Jimmy Riffle
Jimmy Riffle
Jimmy has been working with native and exotic wildlife under the supervision of Mike "Skeet" Johns at the Native Village in Hollywood, Florida on the Seminole Indian reservation for many years. Starting at the age of eleven he has been working along side and learned much from friends and Native Village alums Ian Tyson, Paul Simmons, Tre Huntoon, David Weathers, Dexter Osborn, and Richard Decoste. Under Skeet's supervision Jimmy taught his younger brother Andy to wrestle gator's at a young age. Andy often goes with the "Gatorboys" on their adventures and has become very skilled at working with animals. Growing up Jimmy's parents George and Kim Riffle backed Jimmy on any of his decisions "Even though we know he could be hurt we still support him."

At an early age Skeet took Jimmy under his wing and taught him about wildlife and how to live off the land. He taught him how to identify, appreciate and respect native wildlife and the land itself. Since the age of eleven Jimmy has wanted to follow in Skeet's footsteps. The two became close friends as Jimmy moved from volunteer to manager of the Native Village by the age of 18. Skeet
passed away in 2005 and left Jimmy at the Native Village to literally walk in his footsteps.

Jimmy still works at the Native Village and spends much of his time with his partner Paul exploring the Everglades and the swamps of Florida as well as new areas outside the state. Jimmy says, "Th learning experience I get everyday working with wildlife and meeting new people is a blessing from God. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world."

Andy Riffle
Andy Riffle
I have been working with alligators and other crocodilian species since the age of 8. I worked along side my brother, Jimmy, and under the supervision of Mike "Skeet" Johns. They had faith in me and allowed me to work with the animals at Native Village teaching me many of the things I know today.

I started working with gators when I was 9 and have done many wrestling shows for private parties, charity events, and fundraisers throughout my career.

I also have worked with venomous and non venomous snakes, big cats and other exotic animals. I enjoy interacting with all ages teaching them the interesting facts of the animals with a hands on approach.

I have also worked at Gator Park and Holiday Park as a wrestler.

Tre Huntoon
Tre Huntoon
  I have dealt with wildlife my whole life. My journey started in Pittsburgh, PA at the age of 10 when I had my first crocodilian experience by purchasing a caiman. I also caught my first rattlesnake at the age of 11 (Do not try that at home!). I moved to South Florida at the age of 12, working with one of the greatest wildlife experts Mike "Skeet" Johns.

I learned about many native and exotic wildlife species and how to handle them. By learning from Skeet and many others I was doing venomous and non-venomous snake shows, as well as alligator wrestling by the age of 13.
  Tre Huntoon Tre Huntoon